Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wild Wicked Weekend - Regina Carlysle

Behind the Scenes of the Wild Wicked Weekend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the upcoming Wild Wicked Weekend in San Antonio. Then again, what happens in San Antonio...

It’s wild. It’s wicked. It’s one glorious weekend in February that you will never forget - especially the parts where pictures will not be allowed. 

Regina Carlysle, Samantha Cayto, Cerise DeLand, Dalton Diaz, Desiree Holt, and Brenna Zinn are working hard to bring your unspoken desires to life. We each have our responsibilities and our favorite activities on the schedule, and each week one of us will give you a glimpse behind the scenes and a personal look into our favorite activity.

This week’s featured author: Regina Carlysle
I was born in small town Oklahoma but have lived most of my life in Texas. Due to those pesky ‘life curve balls’, I am now living in Central Florida where I craft stories among palm trees and balmy temps. My two grown kids really, really love me and have joined me in my new place on the planet! YAY! At the moment, I’m actually co-writing with my daughter. FUN!

I am the author of almost fifty books and write contemporaries set in small town Texas (think cowboys, ranchers, oil men, and all-around good ol boys) along with paranormal stories which involve hot heroes who often shift into their wolf, panther, or jaguar forms.

My friends (and fellow Wild Wicked Writers) Desiree Holt, Sam Cayto, Cerise Deland, Brenna Zinn and Dalton Diaz might say I’m a southern lady who loves to laugh, give hugs, and that I’ve never met a stranger. They might also say I’m just a tad naïve on occasion.

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What is my main responsibility behind the Wild Wicked Weekend?

My task at the Wild, Wicked Weekend:  Just call me the Mistress of Gifts. It is my job to collect gift baskets and goodies from authors to give away at our convention. Truly an easy task considering authors are the most generous people on the planet.  It is my hope that every attendee with leave with something spectacular.

Question(s) from and contest info:

Nikki McCarver- Whoooo-- What was your most memorable fan encounter and did they ask you sex advice? 

No, actually she didn’t ask sex advice BUT she did inform me she’d had the best orgasm of her life while reading one of my books AT WORK. I also received a sexy nightie from a fan.

Eva P. asks:
Have you based a characters on someone you know? Along those same lines, have you killed off a character based on someone you know that upset you?

Answer: I have immediate plans to kill of someone very soon. Bwahahahaha. As for the rest, yes…I often base characters on people I know. Usually it’s just bits and pieces and little character traits. My grandma Minnie has been featured in my stories at least twice. I’ve added little family things too but SHHH don’t tell or I won’t be invited to hang out during the holidays.

Up next: Sat, Sept 21st with Cerise DeLand!

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