Quote Board

“Or maybe that was the sound of her pussy clapping over the prospect of
 finding release much earlier than planned."
-  Kristi, Sexless in Seattle, Jodi Lynn Copeland (Submitted by Kerin)

“She felt like her heart and her pussy were having a contest  to see which would explode first.”  
- Liz, Terms of Enticement, Jodi Lynn Copeland (Submitted by Kerin)

“She wouldn’t have believed jamming a remote control in her pussy could be the means to that end, but then he was the sex-pert.”
- Liz, Terms of Enticement, Jodi Lynn Copeland (Submitted by Kerin)

“Apparently, Coyle had other ideas about what was plenty and when the discussion would end. ‘Did you get some sleep last night?’ ‘No, I dreamt of you fucking me so many different ways that I lost count, but thanks for asking.’”
- Deri Sullivan's fantasy answer to Coyle O'Caha's, Sacred Places by Mandy Roth (Submitted by Holly)

“If pussies were stomachs, hers would be growling loud enough to wake the girl down the hall who worked the graveyard shift.”
- Wren, Enchanted, Anna J. Evans (Submitted by Kerin) 

 “Rob fought the urge to turn around.  He knew if he did, his gaze would target her pussy like a cruise missile.”
- Rob, Miss August by Madison Hayes (Submitted by Kerin)

“He had no control over the blood-pulsed vein of manhood. He couldn’t command it to lie down and behave like a trained puppy.  His dog demanded a chance at wildly humping the bitch in heat.”
- Alex, Range War Bride by Brenda Williamson (Submitted by Kerin) 

“He found her so fascinating, he’d penetrate her ear if he could.”
- Troy, Blue Silver:  Making Noise by Penny Dawn (Submitted by Kerin) 

“I’d have to strip and slap my ass like a dinner bell to get his attention.”
- Marci, Blue Silver:  No More Pretend by Jacki King (Submitted by Kerin)

"Tell me that doesn't get you harder than my granny's fruitcake!"
- Julian (in his sexy British accent), Blue Silver:  Nothing Like Sun by Megan Hart (Submitted by Kerin)

"Heaven help me, if I could've figured out a way to have the berries in with the twig, I'd have engulfed everything God gave him."
-Liberty, The Salute by Penny Dawn (Submitted by Kerin)

"Jillian couldn't have reacted more strongly...if a lust bomb had detonated in her pussy
-Saint Jillian’s Rebel by Eve Jameson (Submitted by Kerin) 

“Her eyes opened wide and her labia seemed to jump up and scream, ‘Hallelujah, sweet daddy, you sure done treated me right!’”
-Cali, Pink by Stephanie Burke (Submitted by Kerin)

“Hell, a good fart in the wrong room would cost her a couple grand in property damage.”
  -Vic, Queen of Hearts by Paige Caccuro (Submitted by Kerin)

“…Blaire was so turned on that she was sure her thong was going to incinerate from the heat between her legs.”
 -Chances Are by Eve Jameson (Submitted by Kerin)

“She was so damn ready, her clit was practically shooting flames.”
-Mary, Sloan’s Heart by Arianna Hart (Submitted by Kerin)

“The last time she had listened to Caro, she had ended up in a rubber cake dressed like a demented whore…”
-  Mollie, Taking the Cake by Kate Davies (Submitted by Kerin)

“With a flick of his hand, he rearranged his hard-on to twelve-noon so she wouldn’t have to watch it work its way from seven on up.”
- Robert, Miss August by Madison Hayes (Submitted by Kerin)

“Now she was in the shower, after delivering her cool dismissal, while he stood rooted in place, his cock about ready to climb up his body and strangle him for screwing this up--and his mind still reeling from the emotional assault she'd made on him.”
- Ryan, Against the Wall by Rhyannon Byrd (Submitted by Madison Hayes)

“Shaking his head, the bartender inched away from her along the bar. "Sorry, Babe. I'm on a pussy diet."
 - The Bartender, Ryality Bites by Dawn Madigan (Submitted by Madison Hayes)

"'Do you know what your body is saying?' (Bryan asks Laura) His tone was lower than it had been a moment ago. (Laura responds in her mind)  If a body spoke through its cunt then yes, she heard the message loud and clear."
- Bryan and Laura, Virgin Afternoon by Vonna Harper (Submitted by Kerin)