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Alanea Alder

Alanea loves reading almost as much as she loves writing and can be found at any given moment either in front of the computer lost in her own world or on the couch with her iPad reading some of her favorite authors. She believes that love truly conquers all and that everyone no matter what, deserves a chance at that love and a place they can call home.


Ashby Fairfax has always looked for love in the wrong places, his last attempt left him running from an abusive boyfriend. Since coming to Arkadia life has been great, he finally has the family he has always craved. Only one thing is missing, his mate. But how can a small town, fox shifter be mated to a vampire prince?

Prince Gabriel has led his people through the ages and into the 21st century. He is on the verge of losing his soul when he catches the scent of what may be his mate. Once Ashby is confirmed as his, it seems their troubles begin.

Someone is after Ashby. Gabriel’s entire coven rallies around their new prince and for the first time in his existence Gabriel experiences bone numbing fear. Can he find the strength to send Ashby to Arkadia to ensure his safety? And will he be able to eliminate the threat before he loses his reason for living?


Rebecca frowned and swung her head back to Ashby.
“Did he hurt you, Ashers?” She said, making sure she made eye contact. He looked away and shrugged. She grabbed the hem of his shirt and manhandled it up over his head. It got stuck around his ears, but she had somehow managed to get his bruised arm free.
“Kate! Look at this. That asshole Marcus Evans has hurt Ashby, we need to arrest him!” She said, waving Ashby’s arm around. Ashby got his arm free and managed to pull his shirt down from where it had been lodged around his head and put his arms through the sleeves.
“It’s ok, Moe ran him off. Even Marcus isn’t stupid enough to mess around with Moe.” Ashby said grinning.
“No kidding, Moe would eat him for breakfast before coming to you for his banana split,” Nic said, laughing. Kate snorted.
“Mojo,” She chortled.
“Kate, it can’t still be funny,” Bran said from across the diner, where he and Caleb waited for their order holding the trio’s twin sons, Landon and Lucas.
“Mojo, Jojo,” Kate giggled. Rebecca, whose anger was fading, smiled.
“Ok, it is kinda funny,” Rebecca said.
“As long as it doesn’t hurt his feelings, it could hurt him to hear something like that all the time,” Ashby said quietly. Rebecca nodded. Kate grinned.
“Ashby you’re so sweet,” Rebecca said hugging Ashby’s arm. He blushed.
“He’s ok with it because I told him that he was totally hot and that’s why it was so funny, because it was completely opposite to how he looked. The man is downright fuckable,” Kate said and two ominous growls were heard from the counter. She blew kisses to her mates. Rebecca nodded.
“I’d totally do him,” She said without thought, and a long low rumble echoed from the door. Rebecca turned in her chair and her eyes brightened.
“Hi, baby, how was work?” she asked, turning her face up for a kiss.
“Do who?” Aleks demanded and he stalked over to where his tiny mate sat and kissed her lovingly.
“Moe Jones. Kate and I agreed the man is fuckable,” Rebecca said.
“Girls, language!” Ma yelled from the kitchen.
“Yes Ma!” both women called out and then grinned at each other.
Aleks looked down at his mate frowning.
“You don’t need to think about doing anyone but me,” Aleks said bending down to stare his mate in the eyes. She looked up impishly.
“Aleks, Marcus Evans went into Ashby’s shop and hurt him today. He has bruises on his arms. I’m getting a bad feeling about him.” Rebecca said as Aleks easily lifted her up, sat down in her chair, and settled her in his lap.
“Ashby, do you want to press charges?” Aleks asked, concern on his face. Ashby shook his head.
“No. He has never done anything more than harass me. I have a feeling if I press charges it would only escalate the issue. As long as he keeps his hands to himself then I don’t want to press charges,” Ashby said.
“If he hurts you again, I’ll shoot him!” Rebecca said and Aleks looked down at her panicked.
“Becca, baby, did you bring your gun?” he asked gently as if approaching a wild animal. All of the shifters at the table picked up on his edginess and subconsciously scooted back a bit.
“Of course! It’s not going to do me much good in a box under the bed is it? The next time hyenas come to town it’s open season,” she said, patting her purse.
“Is the safety on this time?” Aleks asked, inventing new shades of pale. The purse had shifted down between their bodies and was resting in his lap.
“Of course it is,” Rebecca said, picking up the purse and patting it. She dropped it to the floor and a loud bang echoed throughout the diner.
“What in the hell!” Connor demanded coming out of the kitchen. Rebecca stared down at her purse and then looked up at Aleks.
“Ok, I swear the safety was on.” She tilted her head the way she normally did when she was thinking.
“Maybe...” She looked around the table and Nic and Kate were trying not to laugh. Ashby was trying to get his heart to stop beating out of his chest. Aleks began to shake.
“Aleks, are you ok?” Rebecca asked. At the sound of her calm and rational voice Aleks snapped.
“That’s it! That. Is. It! No more gun for you. That is the second time you have almost killed someone, the first time was when you tried to show me your cowboy stance. I can’t do this! I can’t think knowing you have a weapon!” Aleks roared and bellowed. Rebecca sat on his lap calmly petting his chest as he ranted.
“Don’t worry, I’m getting better, see this time I wasn’t holding the gun when it went off, so technically I didn’t shoot it,” she said as if that made all the difference in the world.
Ashby watched the interaction between the mated pair. He could see Aleks’s hands shaking, he didn’t know if it was from fear or from the effort it took not to shake some sense into his tiny mate.
“Connor!” Aleks yelled.
“I’m here,” Connor said, walking over to the table and picking up the purse. He opened it up and pulled out the gun, he slid open the chamber, checked the barrel, put the safety on and tucked it into the back of his pants.
“Hey that’s my gun!” Rebecca protested.
“We’re going home!” Aleks said standing and swung his mate up in his arms.
“When we get home we’re going over gun safety, again. And this time the lesson will stick. You hear me?” Aleks demanded. Rebecca got a dreamy look on her face.
“Yes, Sir,” she said as Aleks carried her out of the diner.
“Oh my God did you see the look on his face?” Connor said doubling over laughing. That set off the entire diner. Kate wiped her eyes laughing.


“Mon Dieu you are a vision. Tonight I will make you mine forever.” Gabriel stood and he gently picked Ashby up and laid him down on the bed. He took a moment to look down at the picture of perfection before him. His Ashby looked like a fallen angel. His innocent eyes contradicted his love swollen lips and flushed cheeks.
“What do you mean forever?” Ashby asked. Gabriel looked over to Ashby and smiled gently. He then removed his suit jacket and placed it on the bench at the end of the bed. Slowly he removed his designer silk shirt and tossed it next to the jacket. He saw Ashby lick his lips.
“What is your ultimate fantasy my angel? You have given me so much pleasure already tonight so selflessly, what can I do for you?” Gabriel asked his voice deepening. He saw a shiver run through Ashby and he felt ten feet tall.
“Can you make love to me? No one has ever just loved me.” Ashby said so quietly that even with his vampiric hearing he had to strain to catch the words. When he heard Ashby’s soft request his heart broke in two. The gorgeous creature before him should have only known gentle caresses and tender words. From the little his dainty mate had told him about his ex-boyfriend he knew that Ashby had experienced hell at the hands of a man who should have protected him at all costs. He tried to keep the anger he felt from showing on his face.
“We don’t have to if you don’t want,” Ashby said quickly and rolled over to his hands and knees putting his head down.
Gabriel felt like someone punched him in the stomach. He quickly removed his slacks, throwing them across the bench and went to the night stand and pulled out a packet of lube. He eased himself behind Ashby running his hands over the crease gently massaging the dark hole winking at him.
“My angel as much as I want love to bury my face in your sweet ass and bring you to the brink of pleasure over and over again with my mouth, I need to see your face and kiss those exquisite lips of yours as we make love.” Gabriel placed both hands on Ashby’s hips and pulled him backward until he was sitting back on his knees his back flush against his chest. Ashby’s face turned up and he looked at him with surprise in his eyes.
Gabriel ran a hand down Ashby’s chest and tweaked the tiny pale pink disk. Ashby moaned and rested the back of his head on Gabriel’s breast bone.
“Does my bebe like that?” Gabriel whispered the words against Ashby’s neck, causing goose bumps to run down his mate’s body.
“Y-y-yes,” Ashby squeaked.
“Good, you will know nothing but pleasure by my hands.” Gabriel ran his tongue up Ashby’s neck and bit gently on his ear. Ashby groaned and pushed his ass back against Gabriel’s hard dick.

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Behind the Scenes of the Wild Wicked Weekend

Behind the Scenes of the Wild Wicked Weekend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the upcoming Wild Wicked Weekend in San Antonio. Then again, what happens in San Antonio...

It’s wild. It’s wicked. It’s one glorious weekend in February that you will never forget - especially the parts where pictures will not be allowed. 

Regina Carlysle, Samantha Cayto, Cerise DeLand, Dalton Diaz, Desiree Holt, and Brenna Zinn are working hard to bring your unspoken desires to life. We each have our responsibilities and our favorite activities on the schedule, and each week one of us will give you a glimpse behind the scenes and a personal look into our favorite activity.

This week’s featured author: Brenna Zinn

I remember reading about Texas in an Illinois grade school and thinking I probably would never see the great state where real cowboys ride their horses to work every day and everyone wears western hats and boots. Then again, I never dreamed I would elope in Gibraltar with a Navy man who hailed from the Lone Star state. But here I am, smack dab in the middle of Texas, still married to the same wonderful man and boasting not only the greatest daughter on the planet, but three dogs who are as big as long horns.
In between grade school and now, my journey through life has taken me all over the United States, as well as many places throughout the world. Using my travel experience as a guide and peppering in interesting characters I’ve met along the way, I love nothing better than weaving tales of romance and leaving readers yearning for adventures of their own.

Want to know more about me including my buy links? Visit and check out my new site for my soon to be released Strip Club Series at 

What is my main responsibility behind the Wild Wicked Weekend?

I have a few hats that slip on and off before, during and after the Wild, Wicked Weekend.  I’m in charge of registrations, payments, name tags… you get the idea.  I’m also in charge of finding the drag queens for what is sure to be the most amazing drag queen show this side of the Pecos. I’m also working with vendors to make sure we have some crazy cool things to browse and buy.  During the weekend, you’ll see me running around, probably with a drink in my hand, chatting with all our guests.  That’s my favorite job.

Question(s) from and contest info:

venuscahill asked: If you could travel anywhere for research where would it be and why would you choose it?

Without a single doubt, I would want to go to Scotland. I wish I could explain my love for that country. I’ve never been there before, but I’m inexplicably pulled to it. I guessing my obsession for Scotland has something to do with handsome men with dreamy accents wearing kilts and the breathtaking, yet lonesome landscapes. For whatever reason, I would love to go there for “research”. Wink, wink.              

SheriV asked: If there was one thing from one of your books that you wish you could do, what would it be and why?

I’ve just finished the first book in a three-book series about a rundown strip club for women in  Austin, Texas. The book, Iron Rods, has a scene in which my heroine tries her hand at swinging around a stripper pole while listening to her favorite song. If I could, I would do that too. I think there’s something liberating in that gesture.

Shey Houston asked: I had the privilege of meeting you all at the Naughty Sleepover and I'd love to know what does your significant other think of your work and do you practice for your books ;) Because I've practiced what's in those books!! HEHEHE! Can't wait to see ya'll again! 

ROFL!  Hehehe, indeed!!
My significant other is my hubby of twenty-four years. Although we haven’t discussed his thoughts about my work in any detail, I can say he’s been very supportive of it. He’s been my rock while I went through the gut-wrenching decision to quit my job of twenty years to pursue writing, as well as my cheerleader when I make a sale. I simply adore him. As for our practicing what I write in my books…all I’ll say is he is a true inspiration. ;)

Nikki McCarver asked: What was your most memorable fan encounter and did they ask you sex advice?

I met a fan at The Naughty Sleepover last February who blew me away. She said she had come to the event just to see me.  Me, of all people! That was the first time I felt as though I had really made it as an author. Someone out there liked my work enough to want to meet me in person. Kind of mind blowing. And no, no questions about sex advice.  Thank goodness.

Lori William Backfire Twardoku asked: Do you do research for your books or could this information be from personal experience?

The answer to both is yes!  I have a Bachelor of History undergraduate degree, so there’s a big part of me that loves research.  I’ve spent hours on the internet and combing through books to find information that I need to help make my stories not only accurate, but more detailed. In my book, Dagger’s Edge, I did a lot of research not only about Navy SEALs, but of Key West, Florida.  I learned about Conch-style houses. Who knew a style of house is a conch??

Kathy Lewis asked: You ladies work so well together. I love the series that all of you take part in. How did you all come together?

I met Desiree Holt and Cerise Deland through the San Antonio Romance Authors (a local Romance Writers of America group.) From there, I met the other ladies. We all seemed to click. Add a little chocolate wine, a wild sex toy party, and a few trips to a strip club, and bodda-bing, bodda-boom, we formed into the group we are.

Nancy DeFreitas asked: How do you get your information to write a book, is it your imagination or do you research it on line?

Nancy, I’m going to refer you to my answer above.  Great question.  Clearly it’s on the mind of many of our readers J

Julianne Keller asked: I'd love to ask what's going to happen with those tic tacs, but I don't think I'll be finding out soon. :) Who plans out their books carefully and who flies by the seat of their pants? Is this true of every book you write, or do you switch back and forth depending on the characters?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I tend to do more flying by the seat of my pants.  I generally start with a story idea, think through who I want my characters to be based on the conflict created in the story, and then I create a rough draft of how I see the story going. Mind you, the rough draft more than not gets revised while I’m writing the story. I like that though. I want my stories to be organic, not anything overly planned and too predictable.

Eva P. Have you based a characters on someone you know? Along those same lines, have you killed off a character based on someone you know that upset you?

LOL. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever killed off a character.  I don’t think I have. Not yet anyway.  The characters I come up with sometimes have a strong touch of people I know.  I find that I absolutely LOVE writing about characters who are larger than life, who steal the show. Those are fun characters and I try to have at least one of them in each story.

Kellee Russom  asked: How does your immediate family feel about your writing? "Why yes, my daughter does write erotica"
Do you make a living writing or do you have another job?
Do most self pubbers use professional editors/critiquers or do they use really talented friends?

My daughter is turning twenty-three in October. I think she thinks me writing erotica is pretty cool. I only say this because she occasionally tells me about sharing with her friends that this is something I do. As for my husband, see the answer above. J

Regarding the self-pubbers… it’s hard to say. I know for myself, I used a professional editor for my one and only self-published book, Private Showing.  I’ve read other self-published books where I have (HAVE) to believe that they were either not edited or not edited by a professional.  This, I believe, is a huge mistake. Authors may only have one shot at impressing a reader. If the story sucks or the editing is sub-par, then why would the reader want to read any other books by that author?

Mindy Hernandez Nabors asked: What is the weirdest thing you have researched when writing a book?

Sex toys. Yep. You read that right. Sex toys. When I wrote Private Showing, I wanted to include adult toys that were not the typical, off-the-shelf types. Let me tell you, when you “research” on-line for sex toys, you find out WAAAAY more than you’ll probably ever want to know.  Some images I saw will be forever burned into my brain.

Contest: There is still time to enter. From now through Sept 25th, simply go to and ask a question right on the website. It can be any question, though we aren’t telling who will answer! Yes, you can ask more than one question, but you will only be entered once for the contest. One lucky winner will receive an e-book of choice from each of our backlist! That’s 6 free e-books! Winner will be announced and the last questions answered right here in our last post on Sept. 28th.

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Heather Rainier

I live in South Central Texas, writing the type of novel I love to read: more erotic and edgy than the mainstream, with plenty of sweet romance mixed in. I write erotic romances exclusively for Siren Publishing, under their Everlasting imprint. My love of romantic fiction began as a teenager when my mom gave me copies of Kathleen Woodiwiss's "The Flame and the Flower" and Bertrice Small's "Skye O'Malley." To this day I'm pretty sure that was her idea of the "birds and the bees" talk.
My husband and I met in a scenario very much like the ones I've written about. He was the alpha hero who stepped in when this "damsel in distress" needed rescuing from a nefarious pervert. It's no wonder I went on to write erotic romance when I had him to inspire me. My favorite type of hero is the gentle, lovable giant but readers will discover a variety of heroes and alphas in my novels, from nearly perfect to very flawed. I hope readers relate to my heroines, and the challenges and dilemmas they face head-on.


Lucy Carter is striving to succeed as a self-employed licensed massage therapist and to bolster her flagging self-confidence. The ménage of her fantasies, featuring her best friends, seems to be on the back burner.
Single dad Patrick Owen has been refined in the fires of betrayal. Now he knows exactly what he wants—Lucy Carter—and he’s ready to claim her along his best friend.
Beekeeper Beck O’Malley’s heart has been shattered, and he withdraws from the world until Lucy heals his heart. He’s held the spirited woman at arm's length, until he can no longer fight his attraction to her. Unfortunately, Beck and Lucy clash nearly as often as they kiss, and his possessiveness sets her on edge even as she falls deeper in love with him.
When Lucy is drawn into a life-threatening crisis, all of their differences and struggles are brought into perspective. But by then will it be too late?

Tucked into the western edge of the rugged Texas Hill Country, Divine is located at the junction of Heather Rainier's romantic imagination and her wildest fantasies. Like many small towns, the citizens of Divine look after each other, gossip about the rule-breakers, and are in each other's business.
Divine has been developing an inner circle of characters involved in polyamorous love relationships,whose main goal is to stay out of the limelight, while staying true to each other and themselves. Judgment and moral outcry make this hard at times, but the lovers do their best to make it worth the effort.
How does a woman inspire two or more men to love her so much that they are willing to share her? Come to Divine, Texas and explore with Heather Rainier why it's possible for one woman to have a heart big enough to love more than one man…

Meet the Cast!

Name: Lucy Carter
DOB: 1981
Height: 5’10”
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: Licensed Massage Therapist

Bio: I’m originally from Temple, Texas. I moved to Divine just last year after visiting my brother, Seth, who also lives here with his wife, Jayne and son, Toby. I work at Madeleine’s Day Spa but I have dreams of having my own massage therapy business and being my own boss. I spend my free time with Patrick Owen and his best friend, Beck O’Malley. Patrick has a very active four year old son whom I adore. It’s kind of a complicated relationship. If I could fulfill one fantasy, it would be to have a committed ménage relationship with Patrick and Beck. Patrick is my rock. It feels good to be understood by him. Beck…well, let’s just say Beck knows how to push my buttons, but there’s just something about him that keeps pulling at me. Most of the time he’s setting me off, when he’s not making me fantasize about kissing him…or doing other naughty things to him.

Food:  Mexican food
Color: Red!
Movie: Blazing Saddles
Band: Nickelback and I also love Shinedown
Song: “Figured You Out” I love anything that has a strong, grinding beat.
Quote: “It’s Better to be Pissed Off than Pissed On”
TV Show: Duck dynasty, especially when Beck watches with me. He gives good foot rubs while we sit on the couch together.
Holiday: Valentine’s Day and Christmas. I love getting presents!
Sport: PBR! Bull riders. ‘Nuff said?

Lightning Round
Pepsi or Coke: Coffee or Iced Coffee
Boxers or Briefs: On guys, those sexy snug knit boxers. On me, G-strings
Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston: How did Patrick and Beck answer this question? Huh? Time for a switch-up. Chris Hemsworth or Brad Pitt? Both, baby, because this is Divine. *wink*
Die Hard or Terminator: Die Hard! And my favorite movie quote: “Yippee-Ki-Yay, motherfucker!”
Ford or Chevy: Ford
Steak or Chicken: Tenderloin Steak. Really rare.
Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Trek: Next Generation
Beer or Wine: wine…sangria

In Depth
What is your most cherished possession?
It’s not a possession, but I’d have to say my relationship with Patrick and Beck, however you want to define it. It’s not perfect but it’s precious to me.

How do you feel about being the center of attention?
Being the center of attention makes me feel awkward and clumsy, unless I am dancing. If I’m dancing, watch out.

What makes you blush?
Two things: Compliments, and thinking about what I want to do to Patrick and Beck if I ever get them nekkid.

How do you feel, generally, about the opposite sex?
Dumbfounded at times.

What is your worst habit?
Turtle Cheesecake!

Do you have any irrational fears or phobias?

How do you think your exes would describe you?
Inadequate. He was fucking wrong, too.

How deeply does your job / social role define you as a person?
I’m in a caregiving profession, so I would say that what I do defines me to my core. I can’t stand to see people not feeling good.

What would you never do, no matter the price?
Marry for money.


“What do I owe you for the massage?”
Lucy smiled up at him and gently rubbed his shoulder. The muscles felt loose and warm under her touch, and the pain and tenderness were all but gone. “Nothing, Beck. It was my gift to you.”
“That was over an hour of your time, Lucy. I owe you for that.”
“Okay. You owe me a date, and this,” she murmured as she hypnotized him with her wolf-blue eyes, tilted her chin up, and pressed her lips to his. He was surprised for a millisecond but then desire burst to life inside him as she slid her palms up his biceps and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her breasts were plush, pressed against his chest, and he groaned when she leaned her voluptuous body against his from knees to nose and moaned softly.
He slid his hands from her waist up her back and tangled them in her long black hair. Her lips were even softer than he’d imagined as she tilted her head and allowed him to deepen the kiss, stroking his tongue with hers as she opened for him. His cock, which had finally given him a respite was back to its previously erect state and she very subtly rubbed her pelvis against his, letting him know she was aware of it.
Usually pretty circumspect with the outward emotions, Beck was struck by how much he wanted to beat his chest and throw her over his shoulder. She unleashed something in him and instead of it being disturbing, it felt freeing. He wanted to crush her to him as the wave of emotional tension shimmered and then burst inside him and he was hard pressed to restrain himself from laying another passionate kiss on her.
“Wow.” Motion caught his attention through the glass-fronted entrance. “Uh-oh.”
“What?” she murmured as she rested her forehead against his chest and sounded like she was composing herself or catching her breath.
“We had an audience.”
Her head popped up and she turned to check the back of the shop then looked out the door. “Oh, crap. Of all the people.”
The dark-haired woman stood on the sidewalk, hands on hips, gawking in at them. She pursed her lips into a haughty twist and shook an accusing finger at them. He couldn’t hear her muffled words through the glass but could make out what she was saying. “Shame on you!” She turned up her nose and continued on her way.
Lucy growled. “If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a newly self-employed and have several of her friends as customers, I’d flip her the bird and see if she can read my lips when I tell her to fuck off.”
“She looks vaguely familiar. Who is she?”
“Tabitha Lester.”
“That name sounds familiar.”
“She worked for Clay Cook and nearly got Lily killed a couple of years ago. She led Lily’s ex right to her. Psychotic bastard. I wasn’t here when that happened but I heard all about it from the girls. What’s crazy is that some people paint Tabitha as some kind of paragon of virtue, when the truth is she’s a hateful, bitter woman. Jealous of anyone who finds happiness, especially if it doesn’t line up with her rigid set of beliefs. She got a job as the secretary at one of the churches in Divine after Clay fired her for her part in endangering Lily.”
“I remember her now. She was working there when I came in to see Clay one day. Sort of snooty. Well that’s good she no longer works at Clay’s, I guess.”
“Yeah, except that now she kind of runs the local gossip mill through her other job. She’s in lots of people’s business. I guess that’s what you do when you have no life, but I can’t afford to piss her or her friends off.”
“Well, we just won’t give her further reason to gossip,” Beck murmured as he brushed his lips against her forehead and she giggled and shuddered as his beard tickled her nose. “Sorry. I need to shave this mess off.”
“It’s okay,” Lucy whispered. “I’ve wanted that kiss for a long time, Beck O’Malley.”


“I’ve wanted to do this so much, Luce. I’ve needed you.”
She raked her fingernails through his hair, gently scraping his scalp until shivers raced up and down his back and then she palmed the sides of his head and looked at him. She was tall for a woman, so in that position straddling his lap, she was actually looking down at him. Her beautiful face was framed by thick waves of long hair the color of midnight.
The heat glowing in her eyes gave her a powerful, almost regal air, and she smiled at him and rubbed her thumb across his lower lip as she spoke. “I want you. I want it all. I’ll never settle for less ever again. The way you look at me makes me feel beautiful. Desirable.” Something else flickered in her gaze and then was gone as her tone softened. “I’ve needed that.”
The thought flitted through Patrick’s mind that Lucy probably had demons of her own. Sharing his story had been cathartic and he planned to extend the same courtesy to her. For now, he’d settle for showing her how much he desired her.
He loved seeing the fire in her eyes because he knew self-confidence didn’t come easy for her. He didn’t know why, because she was one of the sexiest women he’d ever met. The memory of the hurt in her eyes the night he’d met her, when Beck had turned down her offer of a dance still stuck with him, and so did the guilt for not grabbing her himself. But he could make up for his inaction now.
He laid her down on the couch and settled his hips between hers, groaning as she rubbed her slippery pussy against his cock, and drawing a moan from her. His need to be inside her was fierce.
She wrapped her legs around his waist and cradled him against her as he tormented one of her nipples before switching to the other. The hardened points turned darker as he sucked at them. He lost track of time as she trembled beneath him, stroking the back of his head and his shoulders.
It made him feel powerful to evoke such a response in this woman who so often went out of her way to please others and make them feel good. She deserved all of his attention.
A shudder rushed through him as she slid her hand down his rib cage to between his legs and stroked and squeezed his balls until his eyes nearly crossed. He gritted his teeth and flickers of impending orgasm raced through him as her fingers traced through the crisp hairs surrounding his cock. How long had it been since he’d been tempted and teased like this?
“Woman, I’m not letting you go, regardless of what else happens. You’re mine.”
“Think so, huh?” she whispered in a voice laced with humor and then purred as she grasped his hardened dick. “You’re so hot and big. Is this for me?”
He flexed in her hand. “All yours, Luce.”
The need to be inside her was strong and he pulled back, unwilling to rush when he wanted to feast on her first. He stayed there for a moment just taking her in. Her pale flesh was luminescent against the burgundy upholstery of her couch in the dimly lit living room. Her hair was spread all around her and flowing over the edge of the couch in black waves that glimmered in the lamplight. He groaned at the sight of her completely bare pussy.
She gave him a playful grin and bit her lip, a hint of uncertainty in her eyes. “You like?” Her blush told him this must be a new development and despite her smile she’d been unsure of what he’d think.
“Like is such a weak word, Luce. I’d love your pussy no matter whether you waxed it bare or left it alone. You’re beautiful. All of you,” he murmured as he laid his fingertips against her. “You’re hot and wet. Is this for me?”
She panted as she rubbed her pussy against his hand and nodded. She gripped the sofa armrest above her head and her breasts swayed with her movements. Like a magnet to steel, he came to her and pressed his lips against her abdomen, just below her navel. Her belly fluttered at the stimulation and he smiled when he felt her tremble. He wasn’t the only one affected by the moment. “I’m on the pill, Patrick.”
“I’m clean. I haven’t been with a woman since Elizabeth. I was tested right after…you know…to make sure. I’ll use a condom if you’d like.”
“No need. I believe you. Just go easy. It’s been a while.”
No other words could’ve affirmed his desire to take good care of her like those did. She’d always inspired his protective instincts. The last thing he wanted was to be too rough with her.
“Oh, Patrick,” she whispered as he kissed a trail to the side of her mound, at the top of her upper thigh. He rubbed his beard stubble against her inner thigh as he moved downward and kissed her smooth pussy.
She clenched at his shoulder and a needy sound came from her throat as he parted her lips and traced the tip of his tongue over her swollen inner lips. The scent of her juicy, sweet cunt was nearly enough to make him lunge at her and plunder her ripe flesh like a caveman, but he held back.
He slid his tongue over the other side and she arched her back and froze, panting his name. He dipped his tongue into her entrance, heard the catch in her throat at the same time her cunt clenched on his tongue and he knew she teetered on the edge.
He played out the moment, licking deeper with the next stroke, and heard her tiny sob as she whispered, “Yes.”