Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wild Wicked Weekend- Desiree Holt

Behind the Scenes of the Wild Wicked Weekend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the upcoming Wild Wicked Weekend in San Antonio. Then again, what happens in San Antonio...

It’s wild. It’s wicked. It’s one glorious weekend in February that you will never forget - especially the parts where pictures will not be allowed. 

Regina Carlysle, Samantha Cayto, Cerise DeLand, Dalton Diaz, Desiree Holt, and Brenna Zinn are working hard to bring your unspoken desires to life. We each have our responsibilities and our favorite activities on the schedule, and each week one of us will give you a glimpse behind the scenes and a personal look into our favorite activity.

This week’s featured author: Desiree Holt
So much of what I write comes from my life experiences. And no, before you ask, I really haven’t done everything I write about. I just have a great imagination. (wink)
I love football, my cats, country music, reading (3,000 books and counting) and hanging out with my family or friends. I drink Jack Daniel’s but not when I’m writing. I love to ogle hot guys, and, um, oh, wait, I can’t tell you about that. Too bad! But I have been published for seven years with about 150 titles out there for you to read.

Want to know more about me including my buy links? Visit

What is my main responsibility behind the Wild Wicked Weekend?

I’m the overseer. I get to crack the whip on everyone (love those whips!) So it also won’t surprise you to know I’m responsible for the BDSM-related activities. And we have special surprises for everyone. How will you know it’s me at the WWW? I’m the short granny running around getting in everyone’s business (that includes yours!)

Kellee asks: How does your immediate family feel about your writing? "Why yes, my daughter does write erotica."
 Do you make a living writing or do you have another job?
Do most self pubbers use professional editors/critiquers or do they use really talented friends?

Okay, my immediate family? My kids think it’s hysterical. They love to tell people about it and they are probably my best promo people. Their friends think this is “the coolest thing.” But…although my kids’ friends read a lot of my books my kids don’t read anything I write!

Do I make a living writing? Why, yes, I do and I’m so grateful to all my readers who buy my books. I keep saying to myself: who’s a thunk it?
And yes, most self pubbers use professional editors. They are concerned with the quality of what they put out there.

Up next: Sat, September 7th Samantha Cayto

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